Trento following a research carried out on a sample of potential customers that highlighted a strong problem of incorrect information and incorrect management of its digital assets.

The company aims to offer professional and customized solutions for companies and individuals on the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, entering the industry 4.0 market offering innovative services to businesses and individuals.


The computing power dedicated to the cryptocurrencies network in the last two years has increased by around 70 times. It is estimated that the market will continue to grow in the next 5/10 years, when an increasing number of products and services will start to be based exclusively on blockchain. Increased computing power will be needed to support the network that will contain more and more applications. Currently in Italy there are companies that build and sell mining rigs, but none offers a professional rental service linked to an advanced consulting and management service, bringing the hyper-technological world of cryptocurrency mining within everyone’s reach and not just to an audience highly experienced.
In recent years the interest on the Italian market regarding the blockchain has increased exponentially, to such an extent that a giant like Mediolanum has invested a total of 180 million euros together with the R3 group for the development of a private blockchain.

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