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A blockchain is essentially a decentralized accounting register that is used to record transactions, so that the data cannot be altered. This allows participants to verify and analyze transactions with total transparency.

Blockchain technology is based on four fundamental concepts:


This is a great change that comes with the blockchain, there is no need to refer to a centralized structure, a central authority that verifies, controls and authorizes the legitimacy of a transaction, an exchange, a passage.


The blockchain operates at an unprecedented level of transparency, to which most people are not used. All the transactions that take place on it are traceable, public and permanently collected.


The immutability is another great value of the blockchain which obviously also relates to data security. Blockchain-based transactions are decentralized and transparent, open and absolutely immutable.


The blockchain time stamp prevents the operation, once performed, from being altered by associating a legally valid date and time with an electronic document. In other words, the Time Mark allows defining a time validation that can be opposed to third parties.