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A blockchain is essentially a decentralized accounting register that is used to record transactions, so that the data cannot be altered. This allows participants to verify and analyze transactions with total transparency.

Blockchain technology is based on four fundamental concepts:


This is a great change that comes with the blockchain, there is no need to refer to a centralized structure, a central authority that verifies, controls and authorizes the legitimacy of a transaction, an exchange, a passage.


The blockchain operates at an unprecedented level of transparency, to which most people are not used. All the transactions that take place on it are traceable, public and permanently collected.


The immutability is another great value of the blockchain which obviously also relates to data security. Blockchain-based transactions are decentralized and transparent, open and absolutely immutable.


The blockchain time stamp prevents the operation, once performed, from being altered by associating a legally valid date and time with an electronic document. In other words, the Time Mark allows defining a time validation that can be opposed to third parties.



Mining is the process that allows you to generate new cryptocurrencies, verifying and recording transactions on the Blockchain.



Taking the Bitcoin network as an example, it stores all the transactions within data structures called “blocks”, hence the Blockchain, as well as a chain of blocks.



In order for a block to be added to the blockchain, or to the huge public database containing all bitcoin transactions, it is necessary for a computer with computing power to solve a mathematical equation, which can only be found with continuous attempts and algorithms mathematicians.



This operation crystallizes the block, preventing any future changes, and whoever finds this code is rewarded with a certain amount of bitcoins, to date 12.5 Bitcoins per block solved.


In order to create digital coins, different fundamental requirements are needed to make mining very complex.

IT skills

Technical skills

Constant maintenance

Suitable location

Knowledge of the sector

Easy to find hardware components

Have low-cost energy


Alps Blockchain srl was founded in Trento in July 2018 by a group of young entrepreneurs with strong confidence in the possibilities of blockchain technology.

Core business

The company’s core business is focused on research and development of new mining and blockchain technologies. The company offers companies and individuals the opportunity to learn about this sector through a highly specialized technical, tax and legal consulting service.


The goal of Alps Blockchain is to be at the forefront of the most innovative solutions for mining. To do this, we are active in the research and development of hardware and software for mining, using the most advanced configurations and technologies.


Quality solutions

We are able to provide each customer with the solution they are looking for, realizing it based on their specific needs and those of the market they are targeting. Our commitment is aimed at offering a quality product: a possible challenge thanks to the in-depth knowledge of our research and development team.

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