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Elevating Bitcoin Mining to New Height

Alps Blockchain is an Italian company operating in the Bitcoin mining sector, specialising in the production of computing power for the blockchain. We design, build and operate state-of-the-art infrastructure with the aim of actively contributing to the development and efficiency of the blockchain. We aim to create a bridge between Bitcoin mining and the energy sector, charting a path of synergistic growth, evolution and mutual enhancement.



The idea of approaching the world of digital mining was born in the context of significant growth in the blockchain sector, when we began a research journey focused on the sustainability of the system starting with its infrastructure.



Alps Blockchain is founded in Trento on 20 July 2018. It obtains a grant from Trentino Sviluppo Spa, meeting the criteria of youth entrepreneurship and technological innovation, and starts to move into the market.



The company steers the Bitcoin mining business towards the use of renewable sources. In Italy, however, mining is not widespread and the hydroelectric sector is experiencing difficulties due to the expiry of government incentives.



The Alps Farm Italia project was launched, proposing a new business opportunity in the energy sector by building carbon-neutral hydroelectrically powered mining farms.



Tecnoenergia, a technical partner, successfully installed and tested the first Italian Alps Farm in one of their power plants, confirming the profitability of the model.



The Alps Farm model expands along the Alps and into different Italian regions. We reach hydroelectric power stations throughout northern Italy, collaborating with private, public and para-public entities.



The company is recognised both nationally and internationally. Forbes Italy included the co-founders of Alps Blockchain in its list of 100 young Italian talents under 30 in the Energies category, and the Green Tech Festival in Berlin selected them among the finalists of the Green Awards 2022 for the best innovative projects worldwide.



Azimut invests EUR 40 million in the Alps Blockchain business idea, accelerating the company's internationalisation path, from South America to Paraguay and Ecuador, to the United Arab Emirates.

Our goals

Alps Blockchain's numbers


active miners


mining farms in the world

2 EH/s

Hash Rate

22,3 J/TH

efficiency level

50 MW

energy dedicated to mining

Our drivers

Advanced technology

We integrate advanced technical and technological systems by taking care of everything from the choice of hardware and the implementation of state-of-the-art cooling systems to the development and customisation of software and firmware. This allows us to maximise our efficiency and automate or manage tailor-made technology solutions.

Energy efficiency and sustainability

Our growth strategy aims to promote sustainability. We make strategic choices to maximise and prioritise the use of renewable sources for mining and invest in initiatives to accelerate an energy transition focused on decarbonisation.


Our international expansion strategy is designed to align our business with the needs and characteristics of the countries in which we operate. We invest long-term in local markets to generate a positive impact on energy systems. This allows us to bring added value to the countries involved.

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