From the power of water to the power of computing.

The primary and oldest Italian renewable source fuels the innovation brought by Alps Farm, a service dedicated to companies in the hydroelectric energy sector.

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Minimum impact,
maximum efficiency

We design and install mining farms within high-performance, green hydroelectric plants. We offer players in the energy sector the opportunity to regenerate, restore and power up their plants, by optimising output and maximising the efficiency of the energy they produce.

What is a mining farm?

Mining farms are actual digital mines equipped with super computers, called miners. By excavating cryptographic data and numerical strings, they generate computing power which can be used to operate blockchain networks and to extract new cryptocurrency units.

Why Alps Farm?

Revamping hydroelectric plants

Our ethical, intelligent management system breathes new life into existing hydroelectric power stations by installing state-of-the-art technology that optimises the yield of available resources.

New value for energy output

Some of the energy output, which is either surplus to requirements or is fed into the national grid, can be recycled and used for self-consumption by the mining farm, thus generating greater profit.

A new, diversified business model

The energy from the power plant which is used to power the mining farm produces computing power that enables access to the blockchain and bitcoin ecosystem. The energy producer also becomes a direct producer of hashing power, adding another process to its supply chain

Reliability and safety

The computing power produced by the installed mining farm is in turn purchased by Alps Blockchain, guaranteeing a safe return and simplifying the operational and bureaucratic aspects.

Custom projects

We handle every aspect of the design, implementation and management of each mining farm, taking into account the specific characteristics of the plant. Our aim is to research and develop the best solution in order to maximise mining performance and improve energy efficiency.


Thanks to the experience and skills of our team, we ensure thoroughness and quality at every stage of the project, meeting every management requirement and guaranteeing maximum system uptime.


1 MW
33 Ph/s

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0,5 MW
15 Ph/s

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Valle d'Aosta

0,6 MW
20 Ph/s

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To launch an Alps Farm project in your plant, you don’t need any particular experience in blockchain mining. What do you need? The willingness to seize a high-potential growth opportunity. We’ll take care of the rest.

Comprehensive Custom Business Plan

Buyback of Generated Computing Power

Search for Optimal Settings and Updates to Maximise Miners' Performance

Equipment Installation and Monitoring

24/7 Assistance And Monitoring

Regular And Extraordinary Maintenance

Breathe new life into your power plant

If you’re an energy producer and think this kind of project might suit you, contact us for more information. Let’s start building your Alps Farm. We’ll provide you with more information and answer all your questions