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This Cookie Policy relates to the website (hereinafter, the 'Site') and is an integral part of the Privacy Policy.

The Data Controller is the company Alps Blockchain S.p.A. with registered office in Vicolo Liceo 1 - 38122 - Trento (TN), C.F. and P.IVA 02515120224, R.E.A. n. TN - 230317, hereinafter also "Data Controller" or just "Data Controller".For any clarification, information, exercise of the rights listed in this Cookie Policy, you can contact the Data Controller at the following addresses: tel. +39 333 2663836, e-mail:, PEC:

Cookies are small text files that websites (so-called "publishers", or "first parties") visited by the user or different websites or web servers (so-called "third parties") place and store directly, in the case of publishers, and indirectly, through the latter, in the case of "third parties" on the user's computer or mobile device, in order to be transmitted to the same sites the next time the user visits.
Thanks to cookies, a site remembers the user's actions and preferences (such as, for example, login data, chosen language, font size, other display settings, etc.) so that they do not have to be indicated again when the user visits the site again or navigates from one page to another. Cookies, therefore, are generally used to perform computer authentication, monitor sessions and store information regarding the activities of users accessing a site, and may also contain a unique identification code that makes it possible to keep track of the user's navigation within the site itself for statistical or advertising purposes.
More specifically, the Data Controller informs that the Site uses the types of cookies described below and classified on the basis of the provisions and indications of the competent authorities, including the Italian Data Protection Authority (hereinafter, the "Guarantor").

These are cookies that are indispensable to enable the transmission of a communication over the electronic communication network or those strictly necessary to provide an information society service explicitly requested by the user. Without the use of such cookies, navigation on the Site and certain operations requested by the user could not be carried out or would be less secure. These cookies allow the implementation of essential functions such as, for example, management of a browsing session, personalisation of browsing (e.g. choice of browsing language and/or currency) and fraud control and prevention.
In light of the purposes for which technical cookies are used, their storage in the device does not require the user's prior consent pursuant to Article 122 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (hereinafter, the "Privacy Code") and Article 5 of Directive 2002/58/EC and subsequent amendments and additions. Their deactivation will result in the impossibility of proper navigation on the Site and/or the impossibility of using the services, pages, functions or content available therein.

These are cookies used to assess the effectiveness of a site and to help measure its 'traffic', i.e. the number of visitors, also possibly broken down by geographical area, time of connection or other characteristics. They are therefore used for the production of statistics in aggregate form for internal research purposes on the number of users and on how they visit the site.
According to what the Guarantor specified in the "Guidelines for cookies and other tracking tools", published on 10 July 2021, analytics cookies are assimilated to technical cookies and, as such, can be used without the prior acquisition of the user's consent if:
• are used by the publisher (so-called first-party analytics cookies) for purely statistical data processing, even if they relate to multiple domains, websites or apps, provided these are attributable to the same publisher;
• are used by third parties, which provide the web measurement service to the publisher, under all of the following conditions:
• are used for the sole purpose of producing aggregate statistics and in relation to a single site or mobile application;
• masking of at least the fourth component of the IP address is guaranteed;
• such third parties refrain from combining analytics cookies, even if minimised in this way, with other processing (e.g. customer files or statistics of visits to other sites) and/or from passing them on to further third parties, except where the production of statistics by such third parties from the minimised data affects several domains, websites or apps that can be traced back to the same publisher or business group.
On the contrary, in the event that analytics cookies do not meet all the above conditions, their use will only be admissible after the website has obtained the user's consent.Notwithstanding the above, the Site does not use analytics cookies.

In general, these are cookies used to link specific actions or behavioural patterns recurring in the use of the functionalities offered by a site to specific identified or identifiable subjects, in order to group the various profiles within homogeneous clusters of different sizes, so that it is possible, among other things, to modulate the provision of the service in an increasingly personalised manner beyond what is strictly necessary for the provision of the service itself, and to send targeted advertising messages, i.e. in line with the preferences expressed by the user when surfing the web.
Due to their characteristics, the installation of such cookies on the device is allowed only with the user's prior consent, as provided for by Article 122 of the Privacy Code and Article 5 of Directive 2002/58/EC and subsequent amendments and additions. The profiling cookies can be selected or deselected directly from the banner proposed at the first access to the Site or, subsequently and whenever desired, through the specific link inserted in the footer, present on each page of the Site itself. Through the banner, the user will be able to manage these cookies in granular form.
The profiling cookies installed by this Site are of the type mentioned above and are not managed directly by the Data Controller, but by different subjects, i.e. third parties, acting as autonomous data controllers.The full list of cookies used by the Site, including an indication of the purpose and retention periods, is always available at the end of this privacy statement, as well as within the cookie banner.

The Data Controller informs that the user of the Site may also express or modify his/her preferences on cookies through the settings of the browser used in his/her device. With regard to the Site, the preferences expressed through the browser will take effect only from the first connection of the user following the modification of such preferences.For more information on how to change cookie preferences, please refer to the following links:
Internet Explorer
If the user uses several browsers, the procedure, including the procedure for deleting cookies, must be carried out for each of them.
If you use other devices (such as smartphones or tablets), you will need to refer to your device's instruction manual to uninstall cookies. As already mentioned, the choice to block the receipt of all cookies may affect or prevent the proper functioning of the Site as some cookies are strictly necessary for browsing.

Widget YouTube
YouTube provides a service that allows videos uploaded to the platform to be displayed on other websites. This service, which is used by the Data Controller, allows the Website to integrate YouTube content within its own pages. For more information on how YouTube processes personal data, please consult the following page:
Google Fonts (Google LLC)
Google Fonts is a font style display service operated by Google LLC that allows the Site to integrate such content within its pages. For further information on how Google Fonts processes personal data, please consult the following page:
Font Awesome (Fonticons, Inc.)
Font Awesome is a font style display service operated by Fonticons, Inc. which allows the Site to integrate such content within its pages. For further information on how Font Awesome processes personal data, please consult the following page:

The Site contains buttons, called "social buttons/widgets" that represent the icons of social networks or other web services (e.g. YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook). These buttons allow users who are browsing the Site to be redirected directly to the social media profiles of the Data Controller. In these cases, the user voluntarily decides to share his/her browsing data with the chosen social network by clicking on the respective button. Outside of these hypotheses, the Site will not share any of the user's browsing information or personal data acquired through the Site with the social networks accessible via the social buttons.
For more information on the cookies used by YouTube and how it processes personal data, the user can visit the following pages and
For more information on the cookies used by LinkedIn and how it processes personal data, the user can visit the following web pages: and
For more information on the cookies used by Instagram and how it processes personal data, you can visit the following web pages: and
For more information on the cookies used by Facebook and how it processes personal data, you can visit the following web pages: and

The Data Controller informs that personal data may also be transferred to countries outside the USA. In particular, the Data Controller uses the products provided by Google Inc. mentioned above. The user's personal data may therefore be transferred to third countries, specifically to the United States of America. The Data Controller, in compliance with Article 46(2)(c) of the GDPR and with the indications provided by the competent Authorities, has entered into a specific agreement with the aforementioned provider, an integral part of which are the standard contractual clauses last approved by the European Commission, in order to offer data subjects adequate guarantees regarding the level of protection of their personal data.
For further information on the legal framework concerning the transfer of personal data by Google Inc., the user can visit the following webpage:
The user can obtain more information on the transfer of personal data to countries outside the E.U. by contacting the Controller at the above-mentioned contact details.

The retention times of each cookie can be found in the table below, as well as in the cookie banner.

The GDPR gives data subjects specific rights, including the right to know what personal data is held by the Data Controller and how it is used (right of access), to obtain the updating, rectification or, if there is an interest, integration of the data, as well as the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or restriction of processing. For more information on the rights of the data subject, the user can consult the Privacy Policy.
Users may, at any time, revoke any consent they may have given to the storage of profiling cookies on their device and to the possible processing of personal data resulting from their use in the manner described above.
The Controller emphasises that revocation of consent will only take effect for the processing that follows it and, therefore, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent before revocation.
The Data Controller informs you that you also have the right to lodge a complaint if you consider that your rights under data protection legislation have been violated.
The contact details of the Garante can be found at the following link:

Without prejudice to what has been stated on the subject of revoking consent and disabling cookies, as a data subject, the user may at any time exercise the above rights by contacting the Data Controller at the contact details listed above.
To lodge a complaint with the Garante, the user may use the forms made available on the relevant website.

This Cookie Policy may be subject to updates. For this reason, we recommend that you consult it regularly in order to be properly informed about the cookies used by the Site.

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