A partnership created to tell the story, the evolution and the future of the blockchain technology revolution.

Trento, 19 November 2021 - Dolomiti Energia Trentino and Alps Blockchain are taking the field to create a new synergy between the world of sport and the universe of digital innovation. At the heart of the new partnership signed between the team and the innovative company from Trentino, is the design of a completely original communication campaign developed with the aim of informing and explaining a subject as much debated as it is still little understood as that of blockchain.

The initiative will see, on the one hand, the players of Dolomiti Energia Trentino as protagonists and promoters of an unprecedented narrative path promoted through social and web channels, made up of animated illustrations, video clips and photographs and dedicated to the blockchain universe, told in a light-hearted language that can be understood even by non-experts. On the other hand, Alps Blockchain, specialised in the valorisation of hydroelectric plants through blockchain technology, will share its knowledge and experience by providing information, advice and inspiration useful for conveying correct communication and opening the door to a deeper reflection on the topic.

Andrea Nardelli, sales manager of Dolomiti Energia Trentino: "We had the pleasure of getting to know an excellence of Trentino such as Alps Blockchain, and we were impressed by the innovative drive of this company, which is as young as it is avant-garde. Blockchain is a technology that is gaining ground in various sectors of our daily lives, and in recent times it has also entered the sports world in a big way. The aim of this new partnership will be to explain to our audience and partners, in a simple and why not innovative way, what blockchain is and what its possible uses are'.

Francesco Buffa and Francesca Failoni, CEO and CFO of Alps Blockchain: "We are happy to support Aquila Basket in this championship and that, thanks to the partnership activated, an editorial project has been created to pursue an informative and popular objective in line with the values underpinning our activity. The technological revolution brought about by blockchain is a topical subject and plays a fundamental role in the digital transition underway. For this reason, it is important to explain and narrate its many applications and implications in continuous evolution. In Aquila Basket we have found the ideal partner to do this in a different and effective way, reflecting the spirit of sharing that is characteristic of the world of sport and that is also at the basis of a type of decentralised system such as blockchain'.

Alps Blockchain is among the first companies in Italy to drive digital innovation linked to blockchain technology through the construction of computing power production centres within hydroelectric plants. Founded in 2018, the company aims to build a bridge between blockchain technology and the world of renewable energy to make mining sustainable in Italy and enhance the value of green energy. Specialising in the design, installation and management of computing power centres with reduced environmental impact, to date it has 18 mining farms installed at hydroelectric power plants throughout northern Italy that offer the possibility of regenerating the plants by valorising the energy produced by them through self-consumption.

Source: Aquila Basket Trento Press Release

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