2023, the largest Venture Capital investments

In 2023, the startup ecosystem in Italy faced a significant contraction in investments, with a decline of 51.5% compared to the previous year, reaching approximately €1.13 billion raised in 164 deals. This contraction, as emerges from Startupitalia's annual report, reflects a negative trend at a global level, due to factors such as geopolitical conflicts, falls, market uncertainty and raw materials crises.

Alps Blockchain among the most relevant deals

In the context of this general contraction, the 40 million euro investment received by Azimut in Alps Blockchain also emerges as one of the most significant Venture Capital investments of the year. During 2023, despite the general decline in investments, large deals showed greater stability, with those above 10 million representing 12% of total investments in 2023.

An Overall Vision

Our result fits into a broader panorama where, despite the challenges, there have been rising sectors such as medtech and cleantech. In this scenario, the investment in Alps Blockchain also helped to indicate confidence in the long-term potential of blockchain and innovative technologies, highlighting the ability of this sector to attract significant investments even in economically complex periods.

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