Alps Blockchain has joined the Élite group, an international platform of integrated services launched by Borsa Italiana and now part of the Euronext group, which supports companies in implementing effective business models to tackle global markets.

The membership in the Élite program, inaugurated on May 6th, comes with the opportunity to follow an exclusive coaching and training program aimed at fostering a culture of sustainable and innovative enterprise. Through this pathway, selected companies receive support in defining strategies to increase their visibility, attract investments, and accelerate their growth. For Alps Blockchain, entering the Élite group means joining a community of high-profile companies, investors, consultants, and stakeholders—a network that facilitates the exchange of experiences, tools, and essential knowledge to support future high-quality development.

"Being welcomed into this program is a great acknowledgment of our commitment and an extraordinary opportunity. At this stage of intense growth and evolution for Alps Blockchain, access to such an exclusive coaching and training program offers significant added value. We are excited about this milestone and determined to make the most of this opportunity to accelerate our growth and innovation. With the support of Élite, we are confident in successfully tackling the challenges of global markets and consolidating our position in the industry." FRANCESCO BUFFA, CEO of Alps Blockchain.

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